Westerville Design - The Up Filerâ„¢ universal vertical filing rack, a unique wall mount file
  • The Up Filer vertical wall file, Turning file organization on its head. Up Filer side view
  • The Up Filer wall file, flexibility to file differently sized content. Wall Filing for Graphic Design. Wall Filing for Teachers. Wall Filing for Office.
  • The Up Filer vertical wall file is is the most flexible vertical file ever designed.
  • Brilliantly simple to use

Why the Up Filer?

Our Up Filer was the result of our own frustration as designers to find a way to manage large amounts of differently sized flat content. All the systems we tried had the some problem: If you ever tried to insert a larger item, smaller items behind it would be hidden.
Our design allows for all content to be stored in the same place. It is no longer necessary to keep bigger pieces somewhere else. Everything is now in the same place and it is ALL visible. Always. More...


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